Stefany is an amazing coach!  Her deep listening and insight helped me break through some very limiting blocks I was experiencing.  Her ability to use metaphor allowed me a pathway to gain clarity and move on with my life in a powerful way.  This insight was something I was unable to access on my own, but came through the profound experience of coaching with Stefany.  I have gained newfound confidence and I have been able to move forward and begin to live out my true potential. I can honestly say that working with Stefany has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself!
Denver, Colorado

Stefany helped to coach me through a very challenging crossroad in my life.  Her knowledge, experience, and empathy were invaluable for helping me to move through it and realize that what I was going through was normal and surmountable.  I would highly recommend working with Stefany and Highest Potential Coaching.
San Jose, California

Stefany is a great listener and her skillful, gentle way of coaching me was exactly what I needed. It was easy to feel comfortable with her. Our work together facilitated insightful changes in perspective that naturally motivated me to take the next positive steps towards my goal. I really appreciate her coaching me through that process!
Eagan, Minnesota

Stefany is a great coach!  She possesses the unique ability to listen to the spirit of her clients and call their greatness to the forefront.
Tricia P
San Ramon, California

I worked with Stefany during a really challenging set of transitions in my life.  I was ending a long-term relationship, preparing for a trans-continental move, and didn’t have a job or home lined up.  I was feeling really overwhelmed and anxious.  Stefany’s coaching was incredibly reassuring and calming.  What I remember most is her presence, listening, and compassion. This helped me to be more understanding and gentle with myself, and to face the uncertainty with more of an open heart.
Oakland, California

When I started coaching with Stefany I had too little time for my family, too little time to build my business, and too little time for me. I was stuck feeling sorry for myself. Stefany helped me feel that having time for myself was perfectly in order. She also helped me realize that I could “have it all” when I began to change my thinking around getting some outside help. Stefany is a professional coach who listens with empathy and asks targeted questions that lead you to your own solutions. She helps you find the way forward even when you think you are stuck.